Tuesday, 11 September 2012

7 Characters

For part of our summer work, we were asked to create 7 different illustrations, influenced by artists and illustrators, which will then become one image combined.

Inspired by the work of Quentin Blake, in particular the illustrations of The Twits and The Witches

This piece is influenced by the work of Janet Woolley. I like her use of collage and how she distorts the form of the body, such as the bigger heads and elongated limbs whilst still keeping the basic form of a human body. The specific pose of the people is also interesting as it gives them more character. All the aspects of this collage were cut out and put together and edited on Illustrator. I'm very unfamiliar with producing collage, but I feel that this first attempt worked out quite well.

A piece inspired by Oliver Jeffer's children's book characters..

This piece shows aspects from the Art Nouveau Period, in particular to the techniques (inspired by Japanese woodcuts) of Aubrey Beardsley. The use of only black to illustrate, but often the use of patterns and elongated and exaggerated outfits to put detail to his characters.

This unusual, quite scary looking character is influenced by Phil Wrigglesworth, and his creation of illustrations of people, with limbs replaced by a none living objects, such as an aeroplane. Here I have combined the character with a windmill.

Influenced by Jim Flora's angular and geometric style of characters, combined with the techniques of Tadioma Shibuya, where by creating many different sections of flat colour to indicate tone.

I have attempted at collage again, to decipher whether it would be a good material to continue using. This time I looked at the work of Jason Mecier, where he would use everyday objects to create a collage of a person. Here, I mainly used imagery of posters, stationary and food.

My first attempt at clay in years!! I created a creature, based upon the anthropomorphic characters of Alice in Wonderland. The owl, dressed in a top hat and tails, is supposed show a wise and sophisticated character. I like him, as a first attempt, but I don't think I'd like to continue using clay...

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