Sunday, 2 December 2012

Revisited projects

Several pieces of work, I felt weren't as good as I wanted them to be, in particular the editorials. I have edited a few, which show similarities to the originals but that I feel now, are much more complete.
The character on this image was a little static before, as the figure didn't have a specific pose. So this new pose shows the person actually decorating. This gives the editorial a lot more connection to the article.

This image originally showed a head, with the holiday related images within it, showing the thoughts of illness and holidays alike. This seemed quite confusing, so I simplified it, now showing pills overflowing out of a deckchair.

The only issue with this was the contrast between the silhouettes and the background. I have just lightened the background so the image is more distinguishable.

I had several problems with this image: with composition, text, and colours. I eventually found a selection of books to photograph, in which you couldn't see the titles of the books. I then used photoshop to add the text. This image looks much clearer than the previous ones.

The only problem with the advertisement was the contrast between the text, the monkey and the background. I painted a background and added it onto the image. This appears much clearer and each area is now distinguishable. 

The social gathering looked a little flat when I edited it on photoshop, so I decided to create a decoupage style image, so that the image has its own shadows, rather than creating them digitally. 

Children's Book

These are my visuals and final pieces for a children's book, involving an evil woman who likes to eat children. Both are painted using gouache, then edited on photoshop. I'm quite happy with them as I've tried to include a lot of expression within the characters.